The Light of Hanukkah in Bat Yam!

Happy Hanukkah from Salvation For Israel Ministries!
Bat Yam, Israel
Bat Yam   bat yam map
Bat Yam is south of Tel Aviv near Jaffa

Salvation For Israel Ministries traveled to Bat Yam with worship leaders Boaz and Oxana Eliahu and believers from congregation Tiferet Yeshua to celebrate Hanukkah in a wonderful senior citizens home.

The hand of Yeshua was upon us at the residence as we were allowed to worship the Lord and hand out Bibles. We also blessed the people with plenty of Hanukkah donuts! See photos:

congregation handing out biblespeople with doughnuts

 Fried food such as donuts are eaten during Hanukkah.
The people were so appreciative because of the love we shared. We encouraged them and explained that the Temple's menorah was supernaturally lit for eight days. We said in the Bible the number eight represents new beginnings. We desired for them to understand that in Yeshua, our spirit will never grow old.

We read Psalms 27:1, "The Lord is my Light and my Salvation." The Holy Spirit was in the room as they stood up and began to clap their hands. Praise God!
As members of Tiferet Yeshua prayed, a woman named Lila approached and said, "I have been searching for the truth for many years but it wasn't until today that I genuinely sensed the love of God. Please tell me how I could have what you have?" We began to share verses from Isaiah 53 and Psalms 2 with her. As we did this she started to weep. Afterwards we passed out Bibles and books donated by Maoz ministries. Many people asked for prayer and healing during this amazing outreach event! Glory to Yeshua! See photos:

fellowshipbibles and books

man laying handsfellowship 3

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