Salvation For Israel Ministries

Our priority is evangelism and sharing the love of Yeshua, first to the Jew and then to the Gentile. We believe in ALL types of evangelism as the Holy Spirit directs us.

  1. Building Relationships: We spend time individually and in groups helping Jews and Gentiles learn more about Yeshua in the Bible. This is essential to understanding God’s plan for us all.
  2. Discipling Others: We guide new believers and establish them in a Messianic congregation that continues our teaching and strengthens their beliefs.
  3. Helping Ministry: There are many poor, Holocaust survivors, and widows who need our help with food and clothing. It’s also our pleasure to share the gospel with them.
  4. Distributing Free Bibles: Freely giving Bibles is a great opportunity to talk about Yeshua.

Salvation For Israel was founded to go and share the love of Yeshua with all people.

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